Kurt Warner: ‘Injuries Put Pressure On Eli Manning’

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(Credit: Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

(Credit: Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

Nick Foles and Tony Romo are having good seasons, and the records of their respective teams – 8-5 for the Eagles, 7-5 for the Cowboys – show that. For their NFC East counterparts, however, the exact opposite is true – and in more ways than one.

Eli Manning and Robert Griffin III are a combined 8-18 this season, with both delivering clunkers again on Sunday. Manning was held under 280 passing yards for the eighth straight game – throwing for 259 in a 37-14 loss to the Chargers – and now had 16 touchdowns and a league-leading 20 interceptions on the season.

“Oh man, that was a tough one,” former MVP and Super Bowl champion Kurt Warner said on The Morning Show. “I think a lot of things happened to (the Giants this year), which ultimately affected Eli Manning. The injuries (at) running back, injuries at the offensive line, the defense not performing, especially up front early on like they expected them to – I think a lot of that put pressure on Eli Manning.

“And knowing Eli, he’s a guy that’s going to just put his team on his shoulder and expect to carry his team. And when you do that as quarterback, that means trying to make throws that you shouldn’t make. That means trying to make every play when the ball’s in your hands. And that’s what was happening early. There was a number of times there was miscommunication with young receivers or young backs and those things led to interceptions, but I think it was more just Eli pressing and trying to do too much because everything else was just falling apart around him.”

The Giants started 0-6 before winning four straight but have since dropped two of three. They are 5-8.

Things are even worse for the Redskins (3-10), who have lost five straight games. Washington has been held to 17 points or fewer in four straight, and Griffin was pulled in the second half of a 45-10 home loss to the Chiefs on Sunday.

“I think it’s always tough for a young guy,” Warner said of Griffin’s struggles, “but I think the biggest thing is that we have to remember what he did last year, and what he was able to handle, and how he kind of took over that team last year and was so dynamic and so good. He was the reason that they won, and he was the reason they were in the playoffs and he was tough as nails. He did everything right last year and represented that organization perfectly last year.

“And now he’s (coming back from) the injury, and he’s not playing very well, and he’s probably not physically where he wants to be and the team’s struggling. Now it just seems like he can’t do anything right. He can’t say anything right or everybody’s taking it as a shot at someone else.

“It’s so amazing in this business how quickly we forget what’s happened before; whether good or bad, depending on what’s happening right now, that’s all that really matters. I just think there’s just too much going on in that organization, too much negativity right now, that nobody’s going to be able to do the right thing and nobody’s going to be able to thrive.

“And unfortunately, he’s not playing good football. I think he’d be the first one to admit that. But again, I think there’s a lot more problems there than just one position, and due to the losing, we’ve got a magnifying glass on RG3 and everything he does and we forget about all the things he did so well and so great for this organization last year.”

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